Hannah Selleck Announces Partnerships with Cavalleria Toscana, KASK, and Parlanti

Thousand Oaks, CA – Show jumper Hannah Selleck has teamed up with Cavalleria Toscana, KASK, and Parlanti as an ambassador of each of the three individual, prominent equestrian apparel brands, to join her longtime partnership with Butet saddles.

“It’s a huge honor to have the opportunity to represent all three unique brands,” said Selleck, a grand prix level competitor who operates her own breeding and riding operation, Descanso Farm, based in Thousand Oaks, CA. “I think it’s so important to partner only with brands that you really believe in, enjoy using, and truly want to promote to others because of the high quality of the products. Cavalleria Toscana, KASK, and Parlanti all fall into that category.”

Since its founding in 2008, Italian based Cavalleria Toscana has grown to become one of the world’s most exclusive luxury equestrian brands. Loved by riders in all disciplines, the brand has firmly established itself as a class leader.  

“We are really excited to work with Hannah Selleck,” said U.S. Cavalleria Toscana brand manager Matteo Nannarelli. “Cavalleria Toscana has a clear goal to achieve: a product mixed from performance and elegance. She is a perfect ambassador for our collection.”

Selleck now competes exclusively in the products, as well as regularly wearing Cavalleria Toscana at home.

“It can be hard to find apparel that looks great but also holds up with the wear and tear of long days at the barn or at a show riding and taking care of the horses,” said Selleck, 29. “What I love most about Cavalleria Toscana is that their products are simultaneously elegant, comfortable, and also durable for all that comes with riding and running your own program.”

When it comes to a helmet and boots, Selleck reaches for KASK helmets and Parlanti boots. Selleck was first introduced to both brands by EQU Lifestyle Boutique, based in Del Mar, CA, and she became a fan of both KASK and Parlanti before officially coming on board as an ambassador for both brands.   

KASK’s mission is to maintain a balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design – something Selleck can attest to. 

“I love the look and feel of the KASK helmet,” said Selleck, who currently rides in the KASK Star Lady. “And I feel the same way about Parlanti as I do about Cavalleria Toscana: it’s a product that both looks good and holds up the way I need it to.”

Parlanti specializes in fine Italian riding wear, including tall boots, paddock boots, half chaps, and more. In representing Parlanti, Selleck joins an impressive list of riders including show jumpers Daniel Bluman, Amanda Derbyshire, Nick Dello Joio, Nayel Nassar, Karen Polle, and numerous others.

“We’re excited to have Hannah join our team of sponsored riders,” said Parlanti representative Maytal Sastiel. “She’s an extremely talented rider and a great ambassador for the brand. We’re looking forward to continuing to follow her success in the show ring.”

Cavalleria Toscana, KASK, and Parlanti, join Selleck’s longtime sponsor Butet in support of Selleck’s competitive endeavors.

Butet saddles have been the choice of Selleck for years, and she is quick to recommend the saddles to others as well.

“I hands down recommend Butet saddles to anyone; I’ve been riding in them for years now and couldn’t imagine riding in or working with any other saddle brand,” said Selleck.

And the feeling is mutual. “Hannah and her beautiful classic equitation represent very well the brand values: elegance, performance, and tradition,” said California-based Butet sales representative Charlotte LeRoux. “We love working with her. Over the years we have built a real partnership to help her and her horses perform the best. We are very proud that she is trusting us as a true partner in her riding career.”

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About Descanso Farm

Descanso Farm is a boutique breeding operation producing top quality sport horses within the United States and owned and operated by the Selleck family and professional rider Hannah Selleck.